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A point Jon Stewart and EVERY OTHER GAY GUY wishes you could comprehend. 

They assume that because that’s how straight men treat women. Like predators going after prey. Sucks to feel vulnerable and scared, huh?

Men’s egos, everybody.

straight guys´ masculinity is the most fragil thing

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i just wanna tell y’all all my life secrets

go for it

"Don’t you get it? I chose you, over anyone else. I always fucking choose you."

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be careful what you post online because future employers might see it and want to hang out with you because you’re so cool

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I walk a lonely road
the only one that I have ever known 


do u ever take out the trash and feel like you should throw yourself out along with it

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i’ve disappointed my entire family but at least i didn’t drop the first iphone 6

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Remember the days when life was so simple and you didn’t need to put a substance in your body to feel alive?

Not really, no.

u gotta keep a lot a shit to yourself

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I’m the kind of girlfriend that would do almost anything for you so you didn’t have to lift a finger. Broke and craving a big mac at 3 am? Call me. Too tired to do your homework? I’ll do it for you. Can’t sleep? I’ll stay up all night with you. Don’t have enough money to do something that you want? My money is your money.

All I ask is you give me every part of you, and I’ll do the best I can to make you happy.


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"Only 2 types of people hate drugs:
People who have never taken drugs, and people that really sucked at taking drugs."

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